ALGÉRIE 2011 is a very sketchy, first STUDY for a possible future documentary / artists film. It was edited mostly chronological, using around 4 hours of footage photographed in the south of Algeria and in Algiers over the period of several days. It has been uploaded to discuss and share with CERTAIN PEOPLE.

YOU TOO might like it, if you are interested in: Algeria, Algiers, arab spring, birds, cats, colonial pasts, french, the mediterranean, occident, orient, politics, postcolonial identities, urbanism. – For now, I would like to thank: ALOISIA WÖRGETTER, ambassadress, Algiers; ASSAS AZZEDINE, security-man and best driver of Algiers; MARUTI, his car, the nicest one in Algiers.

> play ALGÉRIE 2011 - ESQUISSE | JOURNAL | VIDEO from > Christian Wachter > on Vimeo.