[Other] Old School 1994

... a commission by public art lower austria. Having spent daytime and early dawn taking photos of Jenny Holzers monument from near in the center of the small town of Erlauf, I had only a few sheets of unexposed Kodak T-max left in my "Graphmatic" film-holders

As I moved around slowly in my small japanese car over the hills above Erlauf, fogs began to fall and it was allmost completely dark – nothing but my headlights and the light from the monument. Locating the best viewpoint was less difficult than really accessing it, over hill and dale... Finally I set up my tripod & Linhof Master Technika, my favourite (& small & lightweight) Rodenstock 135mm lens attached.

My exposure time was one minute or so. When I developped the negative later, it turned out to be a little bit "thin" & contrasty. For printing, it is necessary to "burn in" the foreground & to "dodge" horizon & sky